Membership: A Kiwanis club is organized around a core membership of selected service-minded men and women who reflect the community profile. Prospective members are invited to join by existing members. Membership information is then reviewed and approved by the club's board of directors.

What Kiwanis Does For Its Members


  • Provides the opportunity for lasting friendships and the fellowship often lacking in a busy, work-a-day world.
  • Provides involvement in the life of the community; its social and service opportunities and also provides a better understanding of its problems.
  • Opens the door to the informal exchange of ideas on a wide range of topics.
  • Encourages sharing ideas and opinions with others in peer groups.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills by serving the club in positions of responsibility.
  • Broadens general knowledge by providing, on a regular basis, speakers on scores of interesting subjects.
  • And, finally makes a member a better citizen, provides a sense of fulfillment, and imparts the knowledge that the effort of each individual really counts.

Become A Member

Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee Membership:
Individual Club Member.......$185/qtr
Includes annual dues, lunch, parking

Associate Member..............$110/qtr
Over 35 years of age
Lunch/parking is $20 per attendance

JR. Associate Member.........$60/qtr
35 years of age and under
Lunch/parking is $20 per attendance

Corporate Membership........$210/qtr
One additional member per household combined with an active full membership
Includes annual dues, lunch, parking

Senior Membership.............$100/qtr
Includes annual dues only
Lunch/parking is $20 per attendance
Must have been Kiwanis member for 10 years (not limited to one club)

Automatic Charge...............$100
One time set up fee included with application

Membership Brochure